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Budgeting to Engage and Fail to convert?

Now that we closely know the face of India’s forthcoming final budget, it’s time to review our own budget to prepare for the next year’s battle. How is our marketing doing with visitors or prospects? Is it converting them into paying customers to achieve business goals? Is it able to achieve successful engagement and/or acceptable conversion for you?

Remember, e-commerce websites lose prospective buyers instantaneously for a wide variety of reasons. As it is also observed, the same reasons stand so fatal for other industries as well. Visitors tend to remain loyal to those who provide them with right product, correct information and fluid experience in a logical and anticipated fashion. A tiny glitch or mishandling here causes memorable damage to the business. The important question is – How to avoid this?

The answer is – by adopting best practices. Keeping the followings in check can be great savior:

  • Information Architecture,
  • User Experience Life-cycle,
  • Communication Structuring,
  • Storytelling,
  • A few more key aspects.

Bench-marking methodologies and processes against these aspects help avert the disaster while keeping the conversion rates going northward. The business gets perfect opportunity to mature ‘cash cows’ and ‘pets’ while making their ‘stars’ shine bright.

There cannot be any ready-made methods to achieve this due to classification of target audience. Perhaps, companies may leverage upon their collected data and best practices for immediate patch fix. Deep understanding of the industry, visitor’s behavioral trends, data and analysis would be great help role to chalk down best strategies.

Better yet, companies should seek professional help from those who have done it successfully time and again. They could help deploy the right mix of method, approach and actions at various levels of the marketing gamut to achieve successful engagement and acceptable conversions. Brandlumin ensures right exposure to your business to stay known and successful. We assist businesses in high-impact marketing that creates direct and faster impact.

Our insight-based plans ride on proven best practices, intuitive insights and linear reasoning to accomplish successful marketing. Brandlumin is a marketing advisory and solution firm which creates a platform for disruptors and success oriented companies. Connect with us now to illuminate your brand in the market and sales support.

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