Integrated Marketing



Marketing is shifting and so are the thoughts on getting optimum results, improving on benefits to the business in real monetary terms. Integrating marketing message and using both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels’ tactics significantly increase visibility. It is obvious that utilizing an integrated approach is the key for both, benefits and lowering cost. However, methodologies and implementation of integration is one fine and complex part where businesses slip and miss. Perhaps, this stands true with standalone specific campaigns too with their activities at a macro level.

One of the best ’strategy’ is unifying all messaging and communication strategies across all channels and the brand talks in the same language everywhere. Businesses often slip on this while coordination among several stakeholders and approval chain - most importantly, due to having core skills in business and not in marketing. If leveraged aptly, integrated marketing practically allows one medium’s strength to offset another medium’s weakness with elements synergized to support each other and create greater impact.

Why brandlumin

We support businesses who appreciate expertise and accuracy but rather prefer focusing on doing business than owning a marketing team. brandlumin ensures incorporating all the pointers of the strategy right from the campaign’s inception until post-execution or results. While supporting, it never stops us to submit additional inputs that might take the results ahead to the next level.

Our skilled staff with specific tools and methodologies are experts in preventing communications from losing their objective and keep them cohesive in terms of messages, look and feel. brandlumin has several trained eyes at various levels to miss any single and minute detail that might be useful to businesses as icebreakers, advantage over others, personality or reputation of the brand.

Integrated Marketing


  • Receiving only results with no obligation to educate.
  • Help them keep focus on their core activity i.e. business.
  • Better and flawless implementation of simultaneous actions.
  • Comfortable financial implications with respect to in-house expert team.

Some of the highlights of our services are:

  • Product Launch and Positioning.
  • Branding and Corporate Image Management.
  • Integrated Marketing Communication.
  • Print or Digital Marketing.
  • Online and Social Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Internal and External Communication.
  • On-demand campaigns or Crisis management.


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